Tuesday, 12 May 2009


*Sniff sniff*

Turns out that I might be leaving the land of plenty rather too soon for my liking. And it does need to be said that the troops have put up a poor show of farewell support and are all RUNNING AWAY. Like cowardy custard.

Nobody loves me,
Everybody hates me,
I think I'll go and eat worms...

Actually I did eat worms once. It wasn't that bad. Albeit they were dried. But worms are irrelevant to my life story right now. Which once again may have to be focused on the BEST SPORT EVER. Which is rugby. Obv. And rugby union of course, none of that silly rugby league stuff thank you very much.

Last week we played our last (ish) match against Framingham State, who were, to put it delicately, big pooey meanies. We did not like them. We did not like them in a box, we did not like them with a fox. We did not like green eggs and ham, we did not like them Sam I Am.

We should have won. And all of us knew it, but that would have involved a little more energy. However, we did play very well--I think the best we have played as a team this year! And I did acrobatics, as can be seen in the photo. After a lot of deliberation I chose to believe that it was taken immediately after a kick. Otherwise it just proves that I really suck at rugby. I even got to be a rather disorientated scrum half at the end after Violet broke herself. Which was bizarre and exciting and terrifying all at once.

Other events since my last post have been approximately 394 concerts. The last of which was incredibly sad, and we sang a song about Mount Holyoke. Which almost made me cry. After the concert was an event called the 'Choral Banquet'. Basically an excuse for all of the singers to eat cake and laugh at each other. And I was given a beautiful leaving present--a framed piece of music chosen specially for me!

Rugby adventures continued, with tacky practice. Again. Tacky practice = an opportunity to be as tasteless as possible. There were several people dressed as swine flu victims, Miss California... I went as... 'your Mum'. Essentially I dressed as as trashy as possible. Whilst trying to maintain my dignity and cover all of the important parts of me. The piece de resistance was a truly hideous blonde wig and chest hair. And a beard. We also sampled the 'wine' that we had created in the basement of Pearson's hall. And it tasted good, and no one had to be taken to the hospital. Fantastic!

The following day was the rugby banquet, and awards were given out for all of the daft things we have done this semester. My award was for failing to understand slang. Entirely. It turns out that I am completely incapable of understanding double entendres. Alas, it could have been worse! And I also got the award from our coach for being there. ALL THE TIME. And enthusiastic and generally barmy. Etc. This award is super cool because it is a mini rugby ball. So for the past few days I have been throwing the ball to myself. Alone in my room. Instead of writing essays and revising for exams.

Exams are over and I only have half an essay left, so I am almost a free woman again, at which point I will almost certainly remember the much cooler and funnier things that have happened to me recently. And/or die in the corner of my room. I am hoping the former.

Now I must go and gorge myself on sugar, because Jess is leaving tomorrow and thus is required to eat all of the food that has been stashed in her room for the past three months. Sugar hangover here I come!

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