Thursday, 1 October 2009

'The BISCUIT will only dare to be just a BISCUIT when it is with its TRUE FRIEND the POTATO'

This is a sad fact of life, and actually applies to much more than biscuits and potatoes. It also applies to Rachels and her comrades.

I went on an adventure. I did eeky, screechy, hanging-about-under-the-bed-due-to-worries things while waiting for my new visa, and THEN I went back over the seas and far away to the land of nod. Actually that is a lie, as it was not the land of nod, it was the land of North America. The wonders of a summer camp in New Hampshire to be more specific. Es war wunderbar. And much fun was had by all.

It wasn't always peachy, and there were some big, bad, and very fierce meanies around (I very nearly had to call Nanna), but I was supported by all of the good potatoes. And, after all, it is the potatoes who make the world go around, not the big, bad, and very fierce other peoples.

It is difficult to think about any particular moments of camp that were enormously fantabulous, as there were lots of good moments. I did very much enjoy waking the girls up to go on our M.I. (Mission Impossible) by climbing up into the rafters and stamping loudly. So loudly, in fact, that one of my co-counselors (who hadn't quite grasped what we were about to do) was ready to come at us with a lacrosse stick. We then crept into the kitchen to steal food, took a tv from the room of one of the leadership staff, and watched High School Musical 3 (oh, hooray, I can't contain the excitement) late into the night back in our cabin. This was greatly improved by almost getting caught a couple of times, particularly funny for us because the girls didn't realise that all of the leadership staff knew exactly what we were going to be doing and when! Surprising that they were so un-observant that night, eh?!

Not much more to say right now, as my bed is beckoning, but I might add more details as and when I remember such things.

Pip pip!

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