Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone? To LONDON, to visit the Queen!

Oops. I may be the most disgraceful can of earwigs this side of my left elbow. It turns out I haven't embraced the power and might of the Eternal Bloginator since JANUARY! I.e. a million years ago. Before I reached old age, in fact.

Since then, I have reached old age. I am past it, have lost my marbles and can no longer dress myself. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have now reached the grand old age of 22.

In other news, many things have happened.

And soon, many more things will happen.

For example, it is now only THREE DAYS until I gird my loins once and for all, and take on the appearance of an overweight gerbil. I will set forth into the unknown and will henceforth always be known as Archibald the Great. For those of you who are down with the kids, or at least somewhat resembling something sane, you will realise that this is a lie.

I am going to canoe to LONDON!! From WITNEY!! In case you were unsure, that is a LONG way. 127 miles, to be precise. It is possible that I will be wearing unusual clothing for some/most/all of the journey (although probably not a gerbil outfit, sadly, owing to the fact that I don't actually have one). And you can see the photographs here; they will be updated as we paddle.

I am going to be raising as much money as is humanly possible (because the bit about the gerbil was entirely untrue), and if you haven't already sponsored me then you can do that here! If you have, then I am forever in your debt, and I will repay you in whichever way you deem most appropriate. (Withstanding anything to do with baked beans or raw tomato. Or public humiliation. Probably.)

And seeing as half of my ear has just been permanently removed by my boss, a Monsieur Jean Valjean, I must depart and so some real work. Or something that convincingly resembles it.

Pip pip!

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