Sunday, 21 August 2011

Mr Mistoffelees, I am away with the fairies.

Unsurprisingly, my title statement is only true in part. Sorry. Mr Mistoffelees is not actually a significant figure in my life, but may become one at some point in the near future...sort of...more to follow in a minute. BUT I have been away with the fairies. That is, if you count A+ staff and volunteers as fairies. Which I do.

Since my last post everything has happened at it has happened magnificently. Although more fun and larks are lurking on the horizon, i.e. tomorrow.

Exciting happening numero uno: TA Witney 2011
This was called TA Witney 2011 because it was a Total Adventure holiday (hence the TA part), it happened in Carterton (hence the Witney part), and it happened in 2011 (hence the 2011 part).

We had a truly spiffing week including highlights such as: talking about the differences between the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church with 12-year-olds, spitting on Steve, making lots of mess with paint and clay and plaster, Charles and Grace's cooking and having 11 cake ingredients massaged into my scalp. No mooses were harmed in the making of this film. I spent the week with a splendiferous group of year 7 girls and we were by far the best TAG team. For those who don't know, TAG stands for Talk About God. And that is what we did. And we watched a video which was great and it can be found here.

Summer adventures part deux: TA Summit 2011
This was called TA Summit 2011 because it was a Total Adventure holiday (hence the TA part), it happened at the Summit Centre near Merthyr Tydfil (hence the Summit part), and it happened in 2011 (hence the 2011 part).

Another incredible week of Adventure Plus madness, and this time in Wales. I had the chance to go kayaking three times, walk up some beautiful hills dressed as the sun/half of a giraffe, eat more of Charles and Grace's incredible food and talk about God some more. And THIS time, I watched cake ingredients being smeared over other peoples' heads. Lovely. And Ugo shared lots of videos with us, but this was my favourite; he talked about how our father God will help us to finish the race even if he has to carry us to the end.



Here is a picture of me climbing.

Escapade number four: Mattress surfing
Houston, I think we have a problem. This was a bad idea the night before an expedition. Otherwise, it comes highly recommended by the best sources: ME! Lots of fun, just don't ask Jonny to push you. And when in doubt, JUST SAY NO. At least that way you will still have all of your limbs the following day.

It's the final countdown: BELA Expedition
To Tintern we go, once again! We loved it so much the first time, we went back again. This time we took some honey and plenty of money, wrapped up in a Robert. Three days of sun and fun and a little bit of ouch: it was superb, thank you for asking. And then we were done and that was even better. And then we came home and had showers and that was the best of all.

Back to the future: TA Stoke Fleming 2011
GUESS WHAT?! I'm going on yet ANOTHER adventure and the toilet paper leaves tomorrow! Toilet paper is an affectionate term for the minibus that has never been used before and will never be used again. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside and all that fine classical opera. Oh Adventure Plus, you do spoil me, what can I do to show my appreciation? And preferably something other than tidying the barn, but I'd do it for you if you were to ask it of me. That's how much I love you.

And what of that famous musical cat, I hear you ask? Well, not very much really, except for a tragedy that has befallen The Crawley House. We have a MOUSE. Yes, the filthy little vermin has been spotted on more than one occasion, to the point of giving me nightmares about rats the size of cats and half-dead pigeons. The mouse is in the house and he is NOT welcome. It was nice to meet you, now GO AWAY.

So, we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of seaside. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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