Tuesday, 9 September 2008

And we've never been to Boston in the Fall...lalalalalalalalalalalala...

Ok, so two posts so close together is a little unnecessary, but here I am anyway as I don't know when I will next remember to write anything...

I HAVE been to Boston in the Fall! And it was INCREDIBLY humid and I pratically stuck to the pavement a.k.a. the 'sidewalk' in Hamburgese.

I knew all about the building with the gold dome by the time we arrived as the bus driver reminded us about it every 16 seconds from about 10mins outside of Boston. However I have no idea what it is called or what it is for. But that is where we had to meet, and I could find it again with no trouble!
We spent the day practising our Bostonian accents (yes, all us Brits were awful), in particular the word 'chowda' which the majority of us then ate for lunch.

We didn't visit the most eclectic locations in the city (actually just wandered aimlessly whilst trying to unstick ourselves from random objects such as benches, lampposts, each other...), but had a good time and in particular I enjoyed trying on 37 different hats, all of which looked 172% hideous on me. Except perhaps the gangsta one (I would like to think that I am gangsta, but in reality I am as far from it as possible. Except for possibly the Queen. But I think that she would probably still beat me in a rap-off).

Ok, onwards and upwards...

I have a massive bruise the size of my lower leg from falling over, and this is quite a novelty as I very rarely bruise and so I am taking every spare moment to poke it to see whether it still hurts. It does by the way. Just in case you were wondering. I have tried relaxing my kneecaps but it doesn't seem to make a huge amount of difference. The rugby is tres fab and marv etc etc... they are all lovely and not nearly as terrifying as they look from a distance! Although I may die from the extreme amounts of exercise: whoever decided that two hours of insane running around every day was a good idea is in fact a psycho. And I am going to hunt them down and have them for breakfast.

Singing today was great larks and I have learnt about some crazy flap of skin near my nose which apparently I can open and close as I choose and have been doing so unknowingly for years; who knew? Sounds slightly disgusting though. Anyway, it is all good until they ask me to wear one of these strange black dresses. With dress shoes. What in the name of Hitler's gigantic matching bra and panties are dress shoes? I realise that I am limited in the realms of appropriate attire, but I suspect that trainers (or sneakers as I am learning, although that sounds rather sinister and espionage-like) may not quite fit the bill. Shame.

After spending outrageous amounts of money on two books ($181 total) I feel the need to lie down and rest for a while, but not until I have had my free ice cream! They are sending us on a treasure hunt around the building to locate different bits of sundaes. Why they can't have it all in one room I don't know, but that is the crazy Americany-type folks for you.

Adieu and what not xx

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