Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Yurt and the Great Lakes

Who knows what a yurt is? If you don't I strongly suggest you find out right away. I may soon post a photo of our own, private MHC Yurt. As it is very special.

Today it rained. When I woke up, it was raining. When I got up, it was raining. When I had breakfast, it was raining. It rained ALL day. In a thoroughly un-English kind of way. I.e. very enthusiastically. No cynical rain falls in Massachusetts. It has been exiled.

As I still do not own an umbrella, exciting though this is, it means I need to don my very fetching 'rain pants' as the Americans call them, a.k.a. waterproof trousers. (Rain pants mean something very different to me, and I can't help giggling whenever 'pants' are mentioned. No, I never grew up.) So I put on my rain pants, and my non-waterproof shoes as I left my wellinga boots/wellygogs in Ye Olde Englande. And I went on an adventure to my classes.

When I got out of my classes, it was raining. Still.

Rugby training this afternoon was INDOORS!!! It seems that the folk on the other side of the pond don't approve of our signature British weather, which, if I'm honest, I am really enjoying because it makes me feel all at home. Fun and larks were had playing with 'El Beardo's' balls, and we ventured forth into the unknown. Dinner and then...


So we were told to 'dress to impress', but having just come straight from running around, dinner and adventures in rain pants I didn't have a chance to change. Which didn't actually matter in the least as it was dark. Like seventeen dark things. From dark land. At a dark festival.

To get to the yurt we had to cross the perillous 'West Lake', otherwise known as the new pond which has formed in the middle of Skinner Green due to all the water falling from the sky. In ropes. And all the cats. But not the dogs, we don't like those. On arriving in the Yurt, we were all delighted to discover that there were several more Great Lakes inside. Sitting on top of the carpets. So we huddled in the Yurt, and dwelt on our rugby love, and our rugby strengths and weaknesses. And I got the name of my new 'Big Sister'! Who is like my rugby mummy who will love and care for all my rugby needs. And I also have three rugby sisters who are her other babies from previous years. There was discussion of unicorns and paralysis, we did shouting and then we left.

And I did laundry.

And in 27 minutes my clothes will be clean and dry and then I can re-make my bed with clean sheets and sleep in it.

So that I can get up at 7:30am to check my emails to see whether the rugby match is here or in Vermont. And then hopefully go back to sleep.

But right now I have to go have stretchy time in the corridor. Or 'hallway'.

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