Thursday, 9 October 2008


I have a secret. And I can't tell you about it because it is a secret. But I will anyway. To some small extent. And in a secretive manner. But you mustn't tell anyone else. OK?

On Tuesday afternoon, I had an adventure. After yoga with the rugby team on the rugby pitch I went to see the athletic trainer (who I really don't like, by the way). I then hobbled to dinner with the other Rachel, and when we had finished eating we decided that we were both significantly crippled that walking to the other side of campus was not something that we wanted to do. So we called PubSafe. For those who aren't in the in-crowd, that is Public Safety. And we begged them to come and collect us and drive us home. Which they did, by the way!

On arriving home I realised that I needed to collect a book from the library which had arrived on a merry adventure from Amherst, so I set off on an expedition with my hat and scarf as it is now about -47 outside. And on the way I collected my mail. Which included something which looked suspiciously like a ransom note. And told me to be in a certain place at a certain time (I can't disclose details, remember it's a SECRET!)

Being me, and possibly stupid, I went to said place at said time (in the black of night) and was only slightly terrified by what was going to happen to me. Turns out, I had been selected for a secret society!! I am not going to tell you about the society, other than that it is a copy of one from somewhere else, and I have dropped another hint somewhere else as well, I will leave you to figure it out for yourself!

It was amazing. And there was secret cheese and secret wine (which, of course, I couldn't drink being under-age and all that jazz). We sat in the dark, and felt thoroughly intellectual and special. And then my poor crippled self was carried down the stairs by an obliging friend.

We are trying to locate a cave for next week's meeting, any ideas anyone?

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