Friday, 31 October 2008

"Maurice...I have a plan!"

Maurice being coach, of course. We played rugby. Again. But this time it was a little more adventurous than usual.

There is this strange 'Friends and Family Weekend' malarkey that the Hamburgese folk favour, which involves the strange 'Friends and Family' folk visiting. And eating a lot. And there are even exciting adventures in which to partake. For example, my 'Friends and Family' joined the special and adventurous choir who sang with us Choralers at the concert on Saturday. And we sang a monstrous piece which nobody really understood. It was about birds and whatnot.

However, only taking on one very demanding activity in a day would be utterly unlike me, so I decided to attempt to play rugby as well as sing in a concert. Lawks a mercy. So the day happened somewhat like this:
8:30am - la famille arrives and we venture forth into the unknown a.k.a. Prospect for breakfast.
9:00am - back to my room for banking nonsense avec Vatikins. Also other dull businessy things.
11:00am - Friends and Family choir rehearsal.
11:30am - Rachel sneaks out of said rehearsal and runs super-speedily to the rugby pitch for warm ups and nonsense.
12:00pm - Kick off playing at Inside Centre because of my 'good hands' now turned to gimp because of the mysterious not-broken but yet unhappy thumb.
1:45pm - the most bizarre rugby match ever.
2:20pm - Rachel changes from rugby kit into hideous Chorale nun dress on side of rugby pitch. Still sweaty and disgusting.
2:40pm - arrive at Abbey Chapel to prepare for concert.
4:00pm - concert, Chamber Singers in particular were AMAZING.
7:00pm (ish) - collapse in a heap of death.
8:00pm - really awkward moment involving Choral director, head of music dept, accompanist etc in a restaurant. We left.
8:30pm - dinner at Judie's in Amherst.
10:00pm - SLEEP!

So more needs to be said about one of my escapades. The rugby. As it is the best thing ever. And now that the season is over I cry myself to sleep at night from the extreme and over-enthusiastic woe inflicted upon my tortured soul. Need. More. Rugby. Now.

I have played at inside centre (no. 12) once in my life before. It was probably my third game ever at the beginning of last year and I managed to break the opposing no. 12's fanny. Or so she said. Alas I was terrified this time, as I have issues with not knowing exactly where I am meant to be on the pitch at all times. But it was great fun and larks, and I managed to squish people repeatedly. Gimp thumb was made invincible by coach before the game (i.e. taped up specially). However, I wasn't making all the tackes against the big people. So Lola subbed for me and beat them all up for me. Which was fun to watch.

Then more adventures happened. The opposing team was already made up of two entirely separate teams, and our team was a mixture of A and B side players. So we mixed up even more, and switched shirts until there was a mix of all four teams on two new teams. And we played a truly mind-blowing game without really knowing what was going on a lot of the time. And I set up a try. And cried because I wasn't the one who scored, but at least I got the ball for approximately the third time this season.

Then after the first half I had to abandon ship, and I leapt over to the sidelines and did strange getting changed in public, trying to keep myself somewhat decent, and almost succeeding. And hopped off to Abbey Chapel to sing.

And now I must go eat dressed as a savage norseman.

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