Saturday, 15 November 2008

Is this a Pinknose I see before me?

There is a new celebrity living in Buckland 418. His name is Pinknose. And he has his own bed.

There have been many adventures lately, which involve bed manoevring and the suchlike.

An unknown personnage in Abbey Hall bought their own bed a few weeks ago. I don't know why, but she did. Said bed sat outside her room in Abbey for two to three weeks. FacMan (Facilities Management) never came to collect the sad and lonely bed which was mourning for its lost owner. I happen to be tenant of a large single room which was devoid of furniture. No more.

I was aided and abetted in my michievous dealings by three trusty companions. We were able to transport first the bedframe and then the mattress in the lift/elevator in Abbey, carry it through the dining hall where people were still cleaning up from dinner and up in the lift/elevator in Buckland to the fourth floor. The bed is now assembled in my room as a useful sitting-on type thing. It is somewhat sofa-esque and was free. No complaints on that front. I even have very exciting spotty sheets on the bed which co-ordinate with the stripey sheets on my bed, and it is made up beautifully with my spare blankets.

This is not an unoccupied bed, however. I have a roommate, who had been inhabiting the space under my bed since I arrived in this beauteous country. Now my companion has a bed to himself. This wondrous creature who lives with me is named Pinknose. He is a hedgehog. Actually, that is a lie, in the same way that the geek cake is a lie. He is a hot water-bottle case resembling a hedgehog. With a pink nose. Hence the name Pinknose.

Pinknose has swiftly become a celebrity in the same way that Beaker is a celebrity. He is loved by all and has even featured on the Mount Holyoke Confessional, which is an anonymous forum where MHC students moan about how they looked at a boy and are now therefore pregnant. Pinknose is of course above such comments, and spends his days lazing about in his bed and warming up friends and neighbours with aches and pains and cold feet.

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